N97 and Nokia Sports Tracker

August 18, 2009

One of the most interesting applications that I have been using on my phone was the Nokia Sports Tracker application (http://sportstracker.nokia.com). The Sports Tracker uses the built-in GPS to log speed (maximum, minimum, average), altitude, distance, time and so on. After an exercise, the route can be viewed on the phone together with curves over the logged data. The application also keeps a training diary where old training sessions can be viewed. It is also possible to upload training sessions to the Sports Tracker website, even in real time. I will come back with more information on the usage of this application later and give examples on routes exported to google earth and excel for further data analysis.

I used the Sports Tracker on a N95 device. Unfortunately my Nokia N95 did not survive an unplanned swim I took with it the other day, while sailing in my kayak on a very windy day. So I got a new N97 instead which I will comment on later. I was surprised that the Sports Tracker was not pre-installed in the phone, but luckily I new that the application could be download from the Sports Tracker web site. Well, apparently not. The N97 is not listed as one of the phones that are supported in the download section on the web site. So I searched for it and found a version that apparently supported N97 at symbianworld.

I have installed it on the phone and started it and it seems to be working. The version is v1.83 (S60 5.0). I don’t know why it is not on the official download site, but I will test it with one of my cycle routes and get back with the results (post some screen shots as examples from the workout). The running man icon shows the program after installation.

Sports Tracker iscon after installation

Sports Tracker icon after installation

One more very interesting thing is the support for a new data log device in the Sports Tracker application. The N79 Active phone is being sold with a heart rate monitor from Polar made exclusively for that phone, and searching on the net shows that neither Nokia nor Polar has much information about it and where to buy the Polar Wearlink Bluetooth device. I did find a place to purchase it though, but they did not know if it will work with the N97. I hope that it will and ordered the HRM. I expect to receive the package in a few days, and then I will start the test and post the results here. I think it is a great idea and hope that eventually we will see many more devices being attached to the Sports Tracker for measuring humidity, cadence and so on. If you go into the settings menu on Sports Tracker you can see that a HRM is supported:

Sports Tracker Settings menu

Sports Tracker Settings menu

The question is if this could be a threat to Polar (among others) that normally makes heart rate monitors for sports exercises?  I see the mobile phone + HRM as a complementary device at least in the short term. People doing triathlon can not use the phone to monitor heart rate while they are swimming for instance. But there are many possibilities that becomes available when pairing a phone with HRM, GPS and other environmental data log devices for sport workout analysis.

Getting back soon with concrete tests….

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  1. First-class stuff, thanks! will add your RSS. in association with the trackers would you use a GSM or GPS tracker?

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