Nokia N95, SportsTracker and Polar Heart Rate Monitor: It works!

October 7, 2009

I was curious to see if if was possible to get the Polar heart rate monitor belt to work with the Nokia Sports Tracker on my old Nokia N95 mobile phone. My old N95 is alive again after I went swimming with it in August (unintentionally of course), so I wanted to use the N95 phone for workouts in bad weather or when sailing in my kayak (I don’t want to take a swim with the N97 as I did with N95). I have goggled for a solution without any success, so I started to play around with the Nokia Sports Tracker versions without much luck, but the solution was actually straight forward.

First of all I have to say: The Nokia N95 is now working with the Polar bluetooth heart rate monitor belt using Nokia Sports Tracker v2.06 (S60 3.1).

After installing the latest version (I downloaded it directly from the Sports Tracker web site) I paired it with the heart rate belt. This is how it looks:

Nokia N95 and Polar HRM paired

I immediately started a workout to see if the heart rate came up on the main screen. It certainly did as you can see below. The first picture is with the screen light off and the second is with the screen light on. The reason for showing both is that the first one without light maybe looks a little bit more real than the one with the light on. The colors are very intense, but I guess the reason is the good camera on the Nokia N97 :-)

SportsTracker main screen with HRM N95 and SportsTracker main screen 2

So after my little “exercise” I stopped the logging via the options menu and then I opened the training dairy to see the summary showing that heart rate was measured and I also looked at the heart rate curve. I was not doing anything during the “workout” but looking at the screen, and the workout was only for 49 seconds so the curve is not the most interesting one, but it shows that things are working as expected. The fluctuations in the pulse rate was maybe because I was a little bit excited :-)

N95 and SportsTracker heart rate summary N95 and Sports Tracker heart rate curve

The final picture I would like to show is the version information of Sports Tracker in my Nokia N95. It is clearly showing v2.06 (S60 3.1) and the version is the one I downloaded from the Sports Tracker home page.

N95, Sports Tracker and Polar Heart Rate Monitor

So what did I do to get this working?

First of all, I did it because I want to use the Polar heart rate belt for both my Nokia N95 and the N97. The N95 will be used for the tough workouts so I avoid scratching the N97 to much until absolutely necessary. My objective was to do this in a way I believe is completely legal, so no hacking of Sports Tracker and so on.

Unfortunately there is no magic. It requires that you already have the Polar heart rate belt (well, I guessed you already guessed that :-) ). It also requires that you have a Nokia mobile phone that supports Sports Tracker and Polar heart rate belt. The official Nokia phone is N79 Active. Others could be Nokia N97 or Nokia 5800 since they supports the belt if you first install an old Sport Tracker version v1.83 (S60 5.0) and then upgrade to v2.06.

So if you have a working solution, you install the new Sports Tracker v2.06 from the official Nokia Sports Tracker site. Then you simply copy the config.dat file from the N79/N97/5800 phone to the Sports Tracker directory on the (in this case) Nokia N95 phone. After this, start Sports Tracker on N95 and heart rate is supported.

That all for now…. stay tuned.

268 Responses to “Nokia N95, SportsTracker and Polar Heart Rate Monitor: It works!”

  1. Hi Martin,

    I want to get the Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Belt connected with my Nokia 5800 but no one can tell me where to get the belt. The Polar representative directs me to Nokia representative and Nokia does not answer.

    Can you tell me the exact model of your Polar Belt and/or a serial number? I would then try to get the same from Polar.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi Darko,

    check this post:
    There you can see where I got it from. If you need more details let me know.


  3. hello Martin

    where to get the N79 config.dat file?
    i cant find heart rate option in my old 5700.

  4. Hi Koala,

    did you follow the instructions for N95 installation?

    As I mentioned, there is unfortunately no magic. To get it to work you must have a working solution based on the Polar heart rate belt and one of the following phones (based on my current knowledge):
    - N97
    - Nokia 5800
    - N79 Active

    The first two have I tested successfully, and N79 Active is the official phone. First install the old v1.83(S60 5.0), then pair with the belt, and then upgrade to v2.06 (S60 5.0). On your Nokia 5700, which is the same platform as N95 (3rd edition, FP1) you then install the new v2.06 for that phone model. Then after this, you take the config.dat file from the working phone (N97, 5800, N79) and copy that to your 5700. I assume that will work as is did for me with N95.

    Did that answer your question?

  5. Hi, astradss

    Would u pls share your config.dat file?

  6. Hi Jackie,

    The config.dat is only useful if you have a S60 3rd or 5th edition phone, and at the same time you have purchased the Nokia/Polar bluetooth heart rate monitor belt. If you have found a place to buy the belt I believe people would be very interested since the danish site where I purchased my belt do not have them anymore.

    I have no problem sharing the config.dat file, as lonmg as I don’t violate peoples rights. I will have to check that first. I assume that it would be okay though – since you can only use the config.dat file if you actually have a Nokia phone and the Nokia/Polar belt. But again, I have to check to be sure before I publish the file on this site. I will get back to you.

  7. Hi astradss,

    I try with my 6110 Navigator, can you send me your file config.dat :-)
    Thank you

  8. Hi,
    I have purchased polar/nokia heartbelt, but it didn’t run with my 6720. Your instructions seems to be right, but unfortunately nobody I know have N97 or 5800 (so I cannot download their config.dat). If its possible to share it, I would be very pleased.
    Thanks and greetings from Czech republic.

  9. Hi,
    please, can you post your config.dat file? There are many people interested on it…
    Thanks again for you job.

  10. Hi,

    Well I’ve had my N79 for a few weeks now and I’m having a lot of trouble with the blue tooth heart rate connection.

    It worked for a while, but now reuses to connect until I’ve removed the battery and reinserted it, then re-paired it to the phone. Then it works for a short while ( today it was 3 minutes into my run before it died.

    here are the downloads to Sportstracker

    hope someone can help nokia don’t seem to have any ideas.

    I have had polar HRM for years with no problems, so know how they should work and it’s not like this one does!!


  11. Hi there.
    I am reading the Nokia Sportstracker Heartrate articles now for a while. I have a N95 by myself and will try to get it work very soon.

    One question: Polar sells a Wearlink W.I.N.D. which seems to be quite similar to the wearlink for nokia (Transmission Freq. 2.4 GHz, which could be BT). Has anybody already tried if that works?

    And: Could somebody post the config.dat please?


    Le Bricoleur

  12. Re: sharing of config.dat

    I am still a little bit worried about the consequences of sharing the config.dat file. The reason is that it is easy to create if you have the belt and pair the belt on a N97, N79 or 5800 first – and then copy that config.dat to your 3rd edition phone like N95 and so on. So from that perspective the sharing is not really neccessary. Another issue is that since my config.dat is from my “real” installation on N97, which can upload to my account on the sports tracker site, then the config.dat file might contain password information, that I would not be glad to share. So I hope that somebody with a “clean” sports tracker installation (that is, before any “upload to service” has been initiated) could create the file and that could be shared. If not, I will consider to uninstall and clean all config.dat file(s) on my N97 and then create a new “non-personalized” config.dat.

    Since there are many requests for the config.dat, I assume the belt is possible to buy somewhere?

  13. Hi Steely,

    I don’t know if this helps but I experienced some problems with connection and re-connection in the beginning. I also had to remove the battery once I seems to recall. I also had some “missing measurements” or strange heart rate readings during workouts (and here I am not referring to the once I had with out-of-range connections). The simple solution for me was:
    1. always remove the sensor from the belt between workouts, and attach it to the belt just before wrapping around my chest and starting sports tracker.
    2. use contact-gel which ensures a proper connection between my chest and the heart rate monitor. I use this one


  14. Hi, I have just purchased a Nokia E52 and the salesman at the Nokia shop got the Polar Belt for N79.
    I am in desperate need of the config.dat file from N79 to make the heart rate function work.

    Is there anyone who can tell me how to get access to the config.dat file without bying the N79 :) Pleeeeease.

    Best regards
    Snorre Jensen.

    NB Please zip the config.dat file and email to
    Thanks in advance :)

  15. The N79 has many firmware issues and is completely unreliable with Sports Tracker. It often stops in middle of long training rides (>1 hr) and will just terminate suddenly.

    You must update the firmware to the latest version to get at least some stability, but is is still not perfect. Nokia really hashed this phone by releasing it too quickly (not properly developed). Don’t buy yet!

  16. Sportstracker 2.06 now works like a dream on my Nokia E52. Config.dat from a N79 phone configured with the pulse belt did the job.

    Snorre :)

  17. Could you pass me that config.dat file? I have a N85 and would like to use the HRM with it.

  18. Hi Martin,

    i plan to encrypt the dat file of the Sportstracker to implement my own pulse belt.
    But i dont have a HRM to see the heart rates in the dat files.

    It is possible that you can send me one or several original dat files?

    Best regards Ralf

  19. One question: Polar sells a Wearlink W.I.N.D. which seems to be quite similar to the wearlink for nokia (Transmission Freq. 2.4 GHz, which could be BT). Has anybody already tried if that works?”

    Is there someone who tried it out?

  20. Please is there someone who can send me the config.dat file??!?!
    i have got an E55 and the polar wearlink…but it is not working without it and i can’t find nobody with an N79 phone…too old!


  21. I would also be happy if someone could send me config file. I will try it with E71 and E72

  22. To enable the HRM pairing of a Polar for Nokia iWearlink: edit the config.dat file directly with X-plore Hex viewer (selecting the file inside X-plore and pressing 8 button); in row “000040″ change the 7th value from “23″ to “25″; save the file.

    That’s it!!!

    Enjoy the Polar for Nokia heart rate belt!!!

  23. Hi there,
    I would be very happy if somebody could mal the config.dat and the Version 1.83!
    my mail address is

    My Phone is a N95.

  24. … sorry, the working email address is:

  25. I have an N82 would you also please be so kind to send the file to me? Thank you very much in advance!

  26. To enable the HRM pairing of a Polar for Nokia iWearlink: edit the config.dat file directly with X-plore Hex viewer (selecting the file inside X-plore and pressing 8 button); in row “000040″ change the 7th value from “23″ to “25″; save the file.

    Great it works on my n95!!! Still hide the option HR in config, but all the HR info in a session appears and the phone ask to enable bluetooth to connect.

    THANKS :-D

  27. I have e71 (OS version not known no idea where to find that in phone…), Sports tracker version 2.06 s60 3.1 23.3.2009 and polar wearlink. Problem is that the ST sw inside e71 does not have the pairing option in ST settings ? the whole menu part is missing.

    However in e71 main bluetooth pairing menu the phone finds the Polar iWL, but the icon there is a little bit shady.

    What could be the problem that inside the ST software I can not find the polar wearlink hr signal nor even empty box with — ?

  28. Hi can some1 please send me the config.dat file to this email:

  29. I just tried editing the config.dat file like SaTis suggested and it works on my e71 with sports tracker 2.0.6, i have created a basic dat file without my login :-) and uploaded for you guys. Just copy it into the sports tracker directory on the phone and owerwrite the original.

  30. Thanks, worked a treat for me from N97 NST v1.83 s60.5 to 6120C NST 2.06 s60.3.

  31. [...] моим e71. Однако, интернет — великая вещь: оказывается, достаточно заменить лишь одну циферку в конфигах [...]

  32. Hi guy,
    can you just uplaod the confing file again??
    Thanks in advance

  33. can anyone send me the config.dat please:
    Many thanks

  34. Hi, will you be able to make the config.dat file available that was usd for the N95

  35. Hi if yu can send me the instructions you followed or any additional information i might require to set the hrm up

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