Nokia N97, Sports Tracker and Polar Heart Rate Monitor Belt

August 24, 2009

Hello again. As I wrote earlier I found out that Nokia is selling a N79 Active mobile phone with a Polar heart rate monitor (HRM) belt. So the question was if this is possible to setup on the N97. I managed to purchase a belt which where actually sold as belt for N79. So I [...]


N97 and Nokia Sports Tracker – first test

August 20, 2009

In order to show some of the basic functionality of the Sports Tracker I went for a 10km ride on my bike. After you start Sports Tracker you see following screen. I will not explain every thing here but only menu items that where used in the concrete example. The first thing to do is [...]


N97 and Nokia Sports Tracker

August 18, 2009

One of the most interesting applications that I have been using on my phone was the Nokia Sports Tracker application ( The Sports Tracker uses the built-in GPS to log speed (maximum, minimum, average), altitude, distance, time and so on. After an exercise, the route can be viewed on the phone together with curves over [...]